I just developed a Python script to upgrade ownCloud.  It runs on Ubuntu 15.04 using a MySQL server and an Apache server. I've successfully tested the upgrade from 8.0.6 to 8.1.1, but only using the second option that downloads the code for you.

It's available on Github here.

You must be running:

  • Linux (It has only been tested under Ubuntu 15.04)
  • Apache
  • MySQL

Under this release, you must set some configuration parameters in the function getConfig:

  • Set wwwUser to the user running your web server, e.g., www-data on Ubuntu
  • Set wwwRoot to the path where your root http files are hosted, i.e. where ownCloud is installed
  • Set backupRoot to the path where backups will be stored

Then, you can either provide the upgrade code or have the script download it for you.

For example, if you already have the latest release downloaded, run this:

sudo upgrade-owncloud.py --code=oc.tar.gz

Or if you want the script to check whether an upgrade is available, download it, and install it for you, then do this:

sudo upgrade-owncloud.py